The Socratus team consists of dynamic cross
disciplinary executives with deep experience and a
broad global network in the insurance, finance and
blockchain sector.
Ilya Kosolapov
Founder. Project Ideologist, insurance specialist
Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University), specialization «Insurance».15+ years experience in insurance. Insurtech since 2007. Same year launched first IT project in car insurance (> 100.000 insured cars). Developed from scratch technological products in insurance related areas.

Elena Zhura
Founder. Technology & Business Development
Moscow State University of International Relations, ,specialization "Commerce,, marketing". Analyst, expert in the field of innovative developments, vast expertise in breakthrough (advanced) technologies. 10 years of experience in the promotion and implementation of innovative technologies.
Ilya Egoshin
Co-founder. Insurance specialist, products development
15+ years of experience leading and optimising project management teams in the insurtech and finance sector of the Top 10 fortune insurance companies in addition to managing a portfolio of 100 mln EUR.

Timur Sultanov
Co-founder. Decentralised Protocol Development
Diversified background in software development and product management, former head of IT for Russian Olympic Committee, responsible for commercial government IT products.

Kirill Ivanov
Development Lead
20 years in software development.
Great experience in the development of IT solutions from the idea to launch in production. Development of systems architecture, development and implementation of software with high requirements for security, availability, reliability and scalability.

IT Development
10+ years in computer technologies; Professionals in IT, banking technologies, marketing communications, usability and finance analysis, web & mobile highload solutions
2014: Expert RAEX & Top 5 effective banks for consumers 2016: Best defended internet bank
Dmitry Chirkin
Legal Consultant
Dmitry Chirkin (White Stone law firm) is a cross- border projects lawyer with more than 13 years of experience in both digital (VC, ICO) and traditional spheres of legal practice (finance and M&A).

Ekaterina Naimushina
Community manager
Successful management of startup projects for 4 years. Bachelor degree in Digital Marketing and Finances. Fluency in 3 languages: Spanish, English and Russian. Specialization in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain fields. Communicative, creative and innovative.

Vladislav Petlenko
Financial Team
Managing partner at Wolfline Capital. Professional activity: Financier. Business and Investment Valuation, Business and Financial Modeling. Start-ups funding and management consulting. Setting-up and administrating of investment funds (management companies, family offices) and BI, Mass Market IT-projects.

Nikita Dolgiy
Financial Team
Managing partner at Wolfline Capital. Professional activity: Financier. Development and improvement of the systems of risk management. Arbitrage strategies using fixed income instruments. Financial modeling and funding with large corporate customers. Setting-up and administrating of investment funds (management companies, family offices) and BI, Mass Market IT-projects.

Viktor Potipako
Marketing manager
11 years of experience in marketing. Has a range experience in all main points of marketing as a designer, art-director, expert in marketing, producer, managing partner, CEO, owner of several businesses. Worked with the following brands: Bosch, Siemens, Gallina Blanca, Heinz, Nivea, Karcher

Julia Kim
Marketing, Brand Ideologist
Senior Brand Marketing expert with more than 12 years of experience at FMCG and Telco companies in both, rapid growth and crisis environment. Solid expertise in launch strategy development and implementation. Marketing lover, enjoying to build meaningful brand experience.

Board of advisors
Capitolina Turbina
Insurance Legal Adviser
Ph.D in Economics, Chairman of the International Association of Insurance Law. Director of a representative office of Berkshire Hathaway Inc
Dr. Robin Kiera
Insurance Advisor
On the Top-50 insurance world influencers list by InsureTechNew. Building up digital ecosystems for banks or insurances and speaking at the largest tech conferences.

Ralf Alda
Insurance Advisor
Over 20 years of experience working for a Top 5 insurance company, Gerling Konzern Insurance Group, he is also the former CEO of Capgemini Russia.
Vernon Wilkes
Insurance Advisor
Establishment of several insurance companies,running a £2 billion insurer with cash assets of over £4 billion for almost 3 years. Advisor to GRe a Luxembourg Holding company. Nominated in 2017 as Liveryman to the Worshipful Company of insurers.
Alexander Jangin
Insurance Advisor
Chief fintech analyst, executive level budgeting and account forecasting experience at a top insurance company.
Bernardo de Souza Madeira
Blockchain Advisor
Experienced systems architect and consultant with a track record of providing high quality services.

Blockchain Certified Specialist, expert in public and permissioned networks using Hyperledger, Corda and Ethereum technology stacks.

Alexey Yurov
Token Advisor
Current projects:– Rospatent Russian State Intellectual Property authority to blockchain– Tokenadvisors, Singapore, Managing Partner

Georgy Urushadze
Marketing & PR Advisor
The field of expertise is PR, marketing, strategic planning, change management. Mentor in Skolkovo. 24 years of experience in marketing and PR: creation of an advertising agency "Group of cultural projects", working for the largest companies of the country.

Nana Kulikova
Crypto-PR advisor
Founder of the main crypto award in Russia - RcryptA, founder of communication agency Rusinternetcom, participated in successful ICO projects, producer of blockchain projects.

Vasiliy Sumanov
Token Economist
Academic researcher by education (MSU Lomonosov), introduced to crypto industry in late 2013. Trader at traditional markets (oi; futures, currencies) and cryptocurrency market since 2013. Creator and manager of big scale GPU mining farm (2013-2017). Since early 2017 serial ICO investor and private fund manager, ICO reviewer, consultant and advisor.

Vladimir Popov
ICO Legal Advisor
Blockchain legal specialist, ICO and project valuation support and author of several studies on cryptocurrencies, creator of the 4K methodology for project analysis.

Soren Fog
Blockchain Advisor
Founder of crypto-valley in Switzerland,
25+ years leading and consulting IT and software projects in communication, finance and pharma. Founder, CEO of Iprotus and the founder of TokenBooster, co-Founder of Crypto Valley.

Yury Bochenkov
Legal Consultant
Global experience providing full legal coverage and compliance support to countries in Russia, Europe, CIS, Africa and the Middle East, he is currently advising an innovation strategy for telecommunications in Belgium.

Boris Ryabov
Investment Advisor
Managing Partner at Bright Capital LLC, decade of experience in private equity also formerly Deputy Director General of RU-COM and Director of Strategy at 36.6 Pharmaceuticals

Insurance Partner
Telematics Partner
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